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A brand dedicated exclusively to the design and execution of projects in the areas of Architecture, Interior Design and Decoration with partnerships in the area of ​​Specialties and Works, being equipped with effective technical and technological means of representation and communication to effectively develop our activity. Offering our customers, a total or partial remodeling, always addressing the needs of those we serve, creating spaces that relate to each other with a perfect connection between the new and antique, modernity and functionality, with a high quality standard in a project’s exclusive experience.

The scope of our intervention ranges from basic buildings to simple remodeling, covering vast areas, private dwellings, commercial, business, catering and hospitality, from the initial study of the layout to the final delivery of the work - "Key in Hand "- with included after-sales service in continuous monitoring by our technicians. All projects conceived and developed by NEWHOUSE are regulated by originality, daring and exclusivity, never disregarding the rigor in the concept created in each of their works, giving it an incredibly unique soul, indispensable for those who inhabit or live in these spaces. With many projects signed in Portugal, we also work in international markets such as Angola and Brazil.

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