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Finally, in 2016, GROUPNEW launched more services aimed at your company, as it can also be an extension of your own home. We have created NEWDESIGN to redesign your company’s institutional and corporate image, to follow the latest trends in terms of business communication, developing restyling of your brand in order to be more updated, based on its values ​​and attributes as a brand of trust and proximity while maintaining the same communication in order to not distort your business. We have also developed a brand images from scratch, with the creation of brand logos, sub-brands, stationary, interactive electronic signatures, varied merchandising, uniforms and everything else you may need. Now you can find the best professionals and hire all kinds of communication, marketing, creativity and design services in a fast and simple way, and you can also position your brand, product or service at a higher level, in order to get the most out of the return that your company deserves.

NEWDESIGN was idealized by the difficulty that many companies, entrepreneurs and individuals have in finding good professionals to create or improve the visibility of their business. We have an international vision with a careful project to the very last detail because in GROUPNEW "the small details make all the difference".

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