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Graduated from IADE School of Design in 1984, with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and General Equipment. As a dynamic entrepreneur, in 1992 Alexandra founded her own company – “Alexandra Gil Interior Architecture”, as an effort to combine of all her expertise.

Alexandra created the brand NEWKITCHEN that is associated with her company and is dedicated exclusively to the idealization and design of kitchens, born due to the necessity to the works they produced, because soon it was realized that it could create something personalized and unique for each space, thinking about the bag and Needs of each client. In 2004 the showroom was set up, in order to maintain the trust of customers and suppliers

With the success and projection that NEWKITCHEN brought, customers began to request other small works besides the remodeling of the kitchens: first bedrooms, then living rooms, bathrooms and closets, passing to the exteriors and gardens ... finally ending up in the passing of the house keys for a refurbishment of the entire home all at once. This is how NEWHOUSE was born in 2008, which performs the refurbishment of interiors and exteriors, where it is complemented by the interior design, made to tailor the likes of those who seek to answer all their needs.

In 2014, as consequence of several projects for foreign clients, Alexandra set up a small construction company in Brazil to support investment in Portugal. This new trademark legally registered and licensed for real estate brokerage, gives it the name NEWESTATE. Customers were happy with their services and started asking for other personal services to meet their most basic and specific needs and solving everyday problems. Another challenge was launched and in that same year NEWCONCIERGE was born, a registered trademark in the area of ​​support for real estate management, as well as other private services made available to those who require this local or remote support.

Still in 2014 the brand NEWHOUSE won the contest for the refurbishment of the Atlantic Building in Monte Estoril. With this project it has increased its client portfolio, even by the various services that it offers through its other brands. At the end of 2016 Alexandra launches the brand NEWDESIGN - dedicated to the renewal of Corporate Image of companies - and the NEWCLOSET that helps clients to arrange and organize their closets.

With six brands working independently but complementing each other, GROUPNEW was created. A unique "mother" brand centralizing everything into a unique corporate identity, giving its customers the possibility to access to a full range of available and exclusive services.


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